Our Company

Care Options for Kids (“COFK or the “Company”) is the largest Medicaid licensed pediatric home health agency in the State of Texas. The Company provides physical, speech and occupational therapy services for children who qualify for Medicaid from birth to age 21 in the child’s home or shelter, private school, or daycare setting. Working with the patient, the family and the physician, COFK designs each child’s plan of care to meet the individual needs of the child.


Prior to 2000, children received pediatric therapy services in a clinic setting in the State of Texas. COFK was one of the innovators in pediatric home health in Texas in 2000. The Company and Therapy 2000 established home health care for children at that time.

COFK has used its early mover advantage when it created the market for pediatric home health care in Waco in 2010, and again, when it launched services in fixed base operations in 2011. Being the first to provide services and create brand awareness in several markets has allowed COFK to build a defensible competitive position and become the largest provider of pediatric home health services in the State of Texas.

After its successful launch in Waco, Texas, COFK opened branches in Austin and San Antonio in 2011. Meantime in Dallas, the Company was able to service a homeless shelter, where COFK could service multiple patients at once. This discovery created a new opportunity for the Company to open branches by first securing patients at an FBO. This avenue allowed for the Company to move into new markets in a more cost efficient manner. In 2012, the Company has opened branches in Houston, El Paso, and Lubbock.