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What We Believe

At COFK, our Company Creed, our Core Values and our Culture Statement define and guide us.

What we believe is shaped by important influences:


  • the wisdom of our collective experiences

  • the character of our management team

  • the knowledge that a purposeful culture makes our organization better

  • the sense of calling and service to others that lives in the heart of every therapist


Our beliefs and our journey as an organization have grown from these influences.

Our Core Values


Our Core Values are at the center of what we believe. These six words encompass everything we hold dear as an organization.


Our Creed
Our Culture

We believe that improving the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children is a noble calling, as it strengthens our society, demonstrates fiscal responsibility and, ultimately promotes the well being of all.

We believe in recognizing the value of all of our employees while fostering leadership, demonstrating integrity and pursuing a culture of excellence throughout the organization.

We believe that the way we treat one another in the workplace matters. We believe that following a culture of compassion sets us apart from other employers, creating loyalty in our employees and belief in our mission.

We believe in being a trustworthy and responsible partner for parents and guardians of our patients, our referral and funding sources, and health care professionals who share in the responsibility of treating our patients.

We believe that by living our core values and developing innovative methods to carry out our mission, we inspire our employees to build a strong and dynamic organization, offering a legacy of empowerment and hope to future generations.

The COFK Culture is built around the word Compassion. Our Culture statement reflects our commitment to the standard we have set for ourselves. It describes the values we seek to demonstrate as a company and want to find in those we employ. Our Culture statement sets the ground rules we follow in our interactions with each other and with those we seek to serve.


– Communicate expectations clearly
– Open to change
– Maximize time
– Persevere in the face of challenge
– Accept all ideas openly
– Show grace and sensitivity
– Support one another and work as a team
– Influence outcomes and inspire others
– Own your actions
– Nurture relationships and respect each other

Our History
Our People

Care Options for Kids (COFK) began operating in Dallas in 1999 and was one of the earliest providers of pediatric home health therapy in Texas. A leader in therapy in Texas and a key collaborator with Managed Care Organizations and regulators, COFK provides services for children who exhibit moderate to severe delays and disorders. Services include providing medically necessary speech, physical or occupational therapy as prescribed by the child’s primary care physician. The majority of children served are birth to age 10. However, the Agency is licensed to treat children from birth to 21 years of age. COFK only provides services through W-2 employees and never contracts its therapy. Today, COFK serves more children in Texas home health therapy than any provider of its kind.

Culture is the cornerstone at COFK and its success. Our core values of integrity, commitment, compassion, care, excellence, trust, and servant leadership foundation drive the way we work with our employees and partners. Our dedication to values, our strong purposeful culture, and our solid clinical reputation have resulted in an established leadership position in our field of expertise and a greater demand for our services.


COFK is part of a family of organizations who collaborate to bring excellence, efficiency, and efficacy to Medicaid and therapy in Texas. Through independent clinical research, which began in 2012, COFK along with its partners including two licensed physicians/medical advisors, perform continuing groundbreaking, innovative research. This research has been selected for presentation to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Public Health Association as well as recognized by several managed care groups and regulatory bodies.

Today, COFK provides services to patients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Temple, Belton, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Abilene, Amarillo, and Lubbock, Texas. Whether you are a family with a child in need, a physician desiring to make a therapy referral or a prospective employee who wants to work for only the best, you will find your experience with Care Options for Kids a satisfying and rewarding one.

Care Options For Kids does not manufacture a product or make tools that manufacture products. We are a Pediatric Home Health Agency specializing in therapy for children. We are all about people serving people. We strongly believe our focus on people is what distinguishes our agency from others. Therefore, whenever anyone asks what makes us different or better than the next guy, we always point to our people.

Every one of our therapists is professionally trained, selected because of their drive for excellence, and immersed in our purposeful culture from Day One at COFK. They keep their skills current through agency-provided Continuing Education opportunities and pursue training in new areas to expand their clinical knowledge. COFK believes that providing educational opportunities for our therapists is a key factor in keeping our clinical workforce second to none.

Understanding who we serve is another concept that sets our therapists apart. We believe our patients, their families, and their physicians deserve nothing less than excellence in service, respect, commitment, and sensitivity to their needs. We are committed to providing disabled children the clinical intervention they need, but more importantly, we’re committed to seeing them as people first and supporting them in becoming happy and productive individuals.

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