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Why Home Care?

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Why Home Care?


There are a number of different ways children can receive speech, occupational and physical therapy: in educational settings, through in-patient and out-patient hospital clinics, in private clinics, and in the home environment. Each treatment setting has advantages that can enhance the therapy experience.

For some patients, treatment in clinical settings is not an option, due to transportation, family logistics, or patient limitations.

For others, the medically based developmental needs they have may be best served in an intensive, one-on-one (rather than group) therapy environment, which they may not be able to access in an educational setting.

For these types of patient needs, home care provides the answer. Through home therapy providers, children can receive therapy in their home or in a home-care environment such as a daycare facility.

Why Home Health?


Pediatric Home Health and Early Intervention programs, such as ECI, provide therapy in the home care setting. Both models have merit and are appropriate for different types of needs.

Pediatric Home Health providers are able to serve patients from birth to age 21. For some patients, it is prudent and appropriate to avoid transitioning from one program to another at age 3 years or potentially losing services altogether. Home Health can provide the continuity of care that such patients require.

Pediatric Home Health providers are directed by physician-approved Plans of Care, based on the medical necessity of the patient. In home health, a physician writes visit orders to provide a therapy frequency and intensity that is most appropriate for the patient. For children with moderate to severe developmental delays and disorders, frequent and intensive therapy is optimal for achieving rapid, effective and efficient progress.



COFK is one of the oldest and most established Pediatric Home Health agencies in the state of Texas. We are in contact with a large number of insurance providers state-wide, and currently, one in three children who receive pediatric home health in Texas are served by COFK. In today’s climate of health care reform and emphasis on efficient and cost-effective use of public funds, COFK provides assurance to physicians and health care partners through its 13-year history of excellence in regulatory compliance, that our agency’s philosophy and policy are to maintain the highest level of ethical, moral and legal standing in our treatment of every patient.

Our Administrative Team of licensed RNs and therapists are committed to the Quality Assurance process and to their role of safeguarding the agency’s reputation and maintaining professional standards. Our Agency Administrator RN is available at any time to meet with physicians to discuss any concerns regarding patient care or regulatory issues.

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